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A Vision for Excellence & Innovation

Through unwavering dedication and efforts, the Group achieved steady growth during its infant stage which led to its current status as one of the leading developers in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia.

Synonymous with our tagline 'Building Timeless Quality', quality has been at the forefront of every project since our first project in 2000. Our value-added developments cater to various lifestyle needs and enhance lives by combining the best of aesthetics, functionality, innovation and versatility. Workmanship of superior standard, customer-centric mindset and integrity are embedded in every aspect of our company to build quality properties and thriving communities. Projects built by Metrio Group include Villa Cendana, Residency @ CENDANA, Cendana Permai, Taman Sri Gemilang and Taman Bukit Mas.

Today, we have progressed to high end developments such as the exclusive 4-storey boutique bungalows at Beverly Heights, Bukit Gambier, the 2 and 3-storey bungalows at The Glades, Alma, Bukit Mertajam as well as the 2 and 3-storey terrace houses at Taman Mengkuang Jaya in Bukit Mertajam. In Batu Kawan, we are embarking on a mixed development project with corporate offices, light industrial units, service apartments, hotels, hospitals and food and beverage malls. On top of the current developments, there are also a few other developments in the pipeline.

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Construction Expertise for Value-Added Projects

Alunan Asas started out as a renovation house in Sungai Puyu, with the factory renovation for MNC in Prai as its first project. With over 25 years of experience, this construction company's expertise covers geo-technical, infrastructure and buildings of various types and heights. It has completed a host of renovation, building and construction projects by prioritising skilful and quality workmanship and timely delivery with cost savings.

A winning combination of customers' trust, teamwork and dedication has led to Alunan Asas' expansion to Kuala Lumpur. Its core construction and property development business have successfully expanded to Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley to cater to its growing clientele. It is currently operating with support from the headquarters situated in Batu Kawan. There are over 300 well-trained and highly efficient staff members upholding the company's core values and culture as well as forging strong relationships with all stakeholders.

Through the usage of Virtual Design Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM), Alunan Asas strives for excellence in terms of designs, material and methods for every project. It supports CIDB’s Industrialised Building System (IBS) and implements procedures to reduce labour dependency and carbon footprint in all activities. This ensures cost savings and speedier construction as well as the mitigation of any potential errors and obstacles during construction through VDC.

Today, we have a complete VDC team that provides better visualisation of projects in 3D. This helps minimise clashes through swift and accurate identification of different building parts such as columns and doors (proper planning in design stage before construction stage). With comprehensive visualisation and fewer interference problems, the team achieves higher productivity and enhanced performance. In line with our VDC team keeping up-to-date with the most advanced construction technology, we continuously look out for new technologies to implement and maximise them to our advantage.

With support from our existing and new customers, our customer base has grown substantially hence marking our exponential growth from a 100mil revenue company to a billion revenue corporate company today. Our customers consist of established companies such as Island & Peninsular (I&P) and Sime Darby, who have remained our loyal customers today even though I&P had since merged with Setia Group.

To date, Alunan Asas’ total contract value done so far is worth RM1.783bil with an annual turnover of RM552mil including prominent projects from established companies such as TPPT, Sime Darby, Setia, Sunway, Granflo, Sunsuria, Topglove and more.

With quality at the heart of every project, Alunan Asas has won numerous QLASSIC awards, namely QLASSIC Awards of Excellence 2016, QLASSIC Awards of Excellence 2017 and CIDC SHASSIC, just to mention a few.

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Efficiency & Precision for Quality Construction

Established in 2015, MyForm Sdn Bhd offers an array of services comprising designing and development, on-site execution and support as well as consultancy and technical support. With the philosophy of delivering good quality at the core of its operations, MyForm is an efficient one-stop solution as every aspect of a project such as solution, execution and monitoring is meticulously planned and completed.

The forming of cast-in-place technology is unique as it ensures every part of the system is specially designed for high accuracy in dimension and tolerance. As a result, components of a building are accurately cast according to the drawing plan. MyForm Aluminium Formwork System runs smoothly with minimum maintenance and without compromising durability. This versatile system is applicable for the construction of both high rise and low rise buildings requiring repeatable layout.

Whether customers are looking for fast construction, high quality or durable structure, MyForm delivers it all. Its cutting edge formwork technology can construct all types of concrete structures at a lower cost and shorter time. MyForm adheres to careful selection of suppliers, monitoring of parts and compliance with safety guidelines for quality and safety assurance.

MyForm is the manufacturing arm which further complements the current business model of Metrio Group. Through the introduction of MyForm combined with the need to support various businesses, our staff force has grown from 100 to 300.

With the implementation of modern technology into the industry, MyForm has an impressive portfolio consisting of renowned projects such as KL Eco City under SP Setia, Menara Etiqa under Etiqa Insurance Bhd., CP3 Sunway under Sunway, Riana Dutamas under IJM, The Stride, Office Tower and BBCC under Putra Perdana Construction Sdn. Bhd.

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Evolving Progressively
with a Brand New Identity

The logo prominently features two mountains that represent Metrio Group being at the peak of success, along with our years of making progress as a property developer by devising innovative concepts, setting benchmarks and reaching milestones.

Metrio Group's corporate colours, green denotes harmony and growth while gold indicates prosperity and prestige. As such, these colours capture our finest qualities that ensure long-term success.

Success Through
Integral Core Values

At Metrio Group, four core values are firmly ingrained in every aspect of our day-to-day operations ranging from internal communication to external relations, namely:

With customer satisfaction as our priority, we take great care to deliver top-notch service through efficiency, courtesy and informativeness.

In line with the continuous developments in the business world, we stay one step ahead by expanding our expertise, sharpening our skills and optimising our business models.

The combination of Metrio Group's three component arms helps complement each business. Solid teamwork as well as various skills and expertise enable us to achieve both personal and organisational growth.

We view challenges as opportunities to think out of the box and find exciting new solutions that help us offer a whole lot more to our customers.

Director’s Message

When we founded the company in 1993 as Alunan Asas, it was the proverbial humble beginning for all of us. Together we casted our vision and resolutely committed to work as a team towards achieving our values and goals. The company in the early days undertook mostly minor projects ranging from building labs in USM to building factories in the free trade zone. We put our heart and soul into everything that we put our hands to and the results were testament to our high quality standards and strategic insights. Soon we were acknowledged in the property industry, our reputation grew and we were entrusted with larger projects such as the bus terminal at Sungai Nibong, Sekolah Menengah Sains in Kepala Batas, UiTM in Permatang Pauh and many more noteworthy projects.

Metrio Group then progressed and diversified to become a manufacturer of aluminium formwork under MyForm and a prominent housing developer under Metrio Development. We continued to excel in our respective fields and today, we have delivered more than 1,000 residential and commercial units. Our solid track record encompasses projects in Penang island and mainland, with expansion into Klang Valley by this year. Driven by our passion for building and dedication to quality, we plan to further expand our portfolio to more states in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region.

We aspire to offer a host of services, namely property construction using the latest technology as well as innovative housing development and manufacturing of related construction methods and materials. These services are aimed to bring greater value to end users at a competitive cost, be it individual buyers, housing developers, contractors and other corporate companies. These 3 main component arms provide the synergy and expertise integral in setting new benchmarks in the property industry and have driven us to remarkable milestones.

The year 2018 marked an important milestone in our history, as we officially made a move to our new corporate office, MetrioPlex at Vortex Business Park in Batu Kawan. From our headquarters in MetrioPlex, we will continue to provide top-notch services to our customers and business associates. Our newly-unveiled brand identity is another bold and significant step in our forward-thinking progress. It is representative of our stellar growth throughout these years and also signifies our renewed commitment to excellence in building landmark projects.

Since our inception, we have firmly adhered to our core values of professionalism, dynamism, synergism and optimism to deliver quality projects and services. This is expressed in our corporate tagline 'Building Timeless Quality', which projects the excellence and innovation that is embedded in every aspect of our day-to-day operations. With a customer-focused approach, along with highly skilled and talented teams, we at Metrio Group are dedicated to continuously meeting the ever-changing market needs and enhancing lifestyles. Our prudent management and customer-friendly approach won the trust of our loyal customers who are still with us today.

Achieving Remarkable

Known as one of the leading developers in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia, Metrio Group has an exemplary track record as represented by the completion of more than 1,000 residential and commercial units. Our creative lifestyle concepts and architectural designs have contributed to vibrant lifestyles, comfortable living spaces and thriving communities throughout Malaysia.



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